Page-turn buttons:

• While reading, press a page-turn button to go forward or back one page

• Go to Settings > Reading settings > Button controls, if you want to swap the buttons

• While reading, press and hold a page-turn button to flip through pages quickly

Read left-handed or right-handed:

• Simply hold your Kobo Forma in either hand and the screen will flip automatically

Read in landscape or portrait:

• While reading, rotate your device to read in any orientation

• To lock into portrait or landscape while reading, tap the middle of the page to bring up the menu, then tap the rotation icon in the header (you can still hold in either hand)

Hide book title or footer:

• Keep your book title private, or just give yourself space for words on the screen

• Go to Settings > Reading settings > Page appearance

Reading PDF documents:

• While reading a PDF, double-tap to zoom in, then swipe to move between sections of the page

• Double-tap to zoom out, or use a page-turn button to move to the next page

• While reading a PDF in landscape, you’ll automatically see half of the page. Swipe up and down to navigate through the document

Reading Comics (.CBR, .CBZ):

• Performance has improved when reading .CBR or .CBZ comics, especially when zooming in

• You can now press and hold to flip through pages quickly in .CBR and .CBZ comics

More enhancements:

• Fast page flip is now up to 50% faster

• Several Wi Fi issues have been addressed

• Enabling and disabling Wi Fi is faster